Campaigns We Love | 19 Dec 17

KFC HK- Re-ignite your passion

KFC HK- Re-ignite your passion



What is it?

KFC created an on-site video at a KFC location, instantly taking a photo of the customer, and reproducing a younger version of the customer onto the meal tray paper.

This then sparked a conversation with the customers, talking about what they were passionate about when they were younger.

The video ends with - “The most important thing about living is to have passion. Do you have passion?”

This was in conjunction with the new black pepper chicken which had returned to KFC’s menu - so KFC also wanted to check if people’s passions had been “re-ignited” (in Chinese the term “returned” can also be used).

And why is this a campaign we love?

It’s a great example of a brand story with a purpose. The campaign was very well-received with over 870,000 views and 6,300 likes on Facebook.