Estee Lauder's winter wonderland

Estee Lauder's winter wonderland

Experiential Marketing   4th February 2019 - Catalyst Agency

What is it?

Retailtainment has quickly become one of the biggest trends in the past 2 years and brands are all desperate to create the next best experience for consumers. Over the Christmas period Estee Lauder did just that. Creating a one of a kind #Esteewonderland. Including the main attraction which was an on the spot human avitar creator. It scanned guests bodies turned them into an Avator which then flew around the virtual wonderland. This video was then sent to guests as a momento.

Why do we love it? 

This pop up took guests on a journey and gave them a multitude of activities. This was more than just a giant photo opp. The addition of the ultra high tech avitar creator ensured it was an experience to remember. 

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