Cheez-It's Secret Bunker Experiential Campaign

Experiential Marketing   9th July 2019 - Catalyst Agency

What is it?

Popular American snack brand Cheez-It recently introduced a new variety: “Snap’d” crackers that promise to be even cheesier and more munchable. To promote this product, Cheez-It filled a bunker, in an undisclosed location in the US, full of their new snack. Where is it? Fans had to keep track of the brand’s Twitter for clues. The first person to find the bunker won a year’s supply of Snap’d!

Why do we love it?

This campaign effectively used O2O marketing to create an unexpected, suspenseful activation. It also successfully drew attention to the brand’s social media accounts. The result was improved brand image as well as great publicity for the new snack.

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