Pantone Pop-Up Brings Color to Life

Pantone Pop-Up Brings Color to Life

Experiential Marketing   3rd April 2017 - Catalyst Agency

Pantone, a leading authority in color, has been providing color solutions for decades across a spectrum of industries. In order to celebrate their unique, vibrant color selection, Pantone created a pop-up café that helped immerse customers in a unique sensory experience.

The 2016 pop-up café sold food and drinks such as hot dogs, cakes, smoothies, espresso, and much more in the exact colors of their most popular swatches. This helped to raise awareness of their brand while keeping customers engaged in the process.

The idea incorporated the theme of ‘good mood food,’ designed to brighten people's day thanks to the array of imaginative colors and tastes. While this was a temporary marketing strategy, the café is looking for a permanent location due to its success in spreading the word and creating social media buzz.

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