Ebay’s Experiential Marketing Campaign Makes Shopping With Them Even Easier!

Experiential Marketing   20th March 2017 - Catalyst Agency

Ebay recognized that Christmas shopping is a stressful activity for many people and found a way of creating a more straightforward, relaxed shopping experience. As part of their ad campaign, EBay promoted the chance to ‘do good and feel good’ in central London just before the Christmas rush (2016).

Everyday shoppers were asked to enter a booth where they'd browse a selection of gift images. High tech emotion reading software would then analyze their reactions and provide a comprehensive report stating which items were creating an emotional response in the shopper.

The result was that shoppers became more aware of which gifts were appropriate for family and friends. This helped reduce feelings of being overwhelmed or distracted by more frivolous alternatives. The campaign’s aim was to reconnect shoppers with the spirit of Christmas. We like this campaign because it was an innovative and tech-powered immersive experience. It is also an original and unique campaign that raised a lot of media attention.


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