Sprite’s Release your summer in 100 ways - Experiential and Digital Marketing Campaign

Sprite: Release your summer in 100 ways

Experiential Marketing   3rd April 2017 - Catalyst Agency

During the summer of 2015, Sprite partnered with the marketing agency Isobar for a summer-themed campaign that had the goal of getting China’s teenagers off their phones and outdoors. Their target audience were students who reportedly don’t get the most of their summer vacation because of the weather, a lack of money, or a too much homework.

Titled “Release your summer in 100 ways,” the campaign featured 100 different designs that were printed onto Sprite cans, all depicting different summer activities. The activities were grouped together into six categories: food and drink, fashion, travel, sports, party, and entertainment.

Aside from the design, there was also a QR code on the cans that could be scanned by consumers. Upon scanning, they’d get a chance to play mobile games and receive coupons to outdoor summer activities. Coupons were also made available when the weather got over a certain temperature. Sprite successfully used the summer season to engage with their audience, associate their brand with positivity and fun, and sell more products.

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