Campaigns We Love | 11 Feb 19

The Economist asks you to question further!

The Economist asks you to question further!

What is it?

The Economist are always on the look out for new readers who are what they call the 'globally curious'. In order to find such readers they often create experiential campaigns which will speak to that demographic. Their latest was this giant LED screen which they errected in Victoria Station (one of London's bussiest). On the screen were a series of intreguing questions. Passers buy were encouraged to approach the screen and press a button. They were rewarded with the full article which answered this question. Brand ambassadors on site and smart re targeting post experience turned people into buyers. 

Why do we love it?

This simple affective activation gave the Economist a way to start a conversation with those who were more likely to be their ideal consumer. A self selecting, memorable, experience.