Campaigns We Love | 20 Jul 18

Nivea - Sunslide

Nivea - Sunslide

What is it?

The regular application of sunscreen is essential to provide protection
against the suns harmful UV rays, but when kids are getting in and out of the
water during their Summer playtime it can prove very challenging to keep
kids covered.

In a clever move to support parents, NIVEA, the well-known household
brand, used an innovative experiential marketing campaign to educate and
inform children about the importance of sunscreen use.

A giant inflatable slip ‘n slide was set up on one of South Africa’s most
popular beaches which continuously sprayed SPF 50+ sunscreen onto
delighted youngsters, in doing so, transforming what is usually considered
as an unpleasant task, into many hours of fun.

Key Takeaway:

Kids prefer to play in the water rather than put on sunscreen. By focusing on
this insight, NIVEA delivered a clever brand experience, taking a serious issue
and making it fun and leaving a lasting impact on the kids and their parents.