IKEA’s Experiential Marketing to Raise Money for the Syrian War Hits Home!

Experiential Marketing   20th March 2017 - Catalyst Agency

Known for their stylish layouts and catchy interior design techniques, retail giant Ikea recently teamed up with The Red Cross to raise money for civilians trapped in Syria. To achieve this, they transformed one of their show rooms into a bombed Syrian home, much like the ones customers were able to see on the news or social media.

The room featured home constructed bomb shelter walls, family photographs, and children's toys. Bringing the room to life, allowing people to freely engage with it, and letting them explore its corners, impacted customers as they shopped. It also encouraged donations to pour in for the crisis.

As a result of this campaign, 22 million euros were raised in one week alone! While the Syrian War is a very emotionally and politically charged topic, IKEA was able to bring it to life in an impactful and effective way that drove the desired result.

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