Experiential marketing: Lipton Ice Tea’s 'Be a Daybreaker'

Experiential marketing: Lipton Ice Tea’s 'Be a Daybreaker'

Experiential Marketing   12th April 2017 - Catalyst Agency

Lipton came up with its “Be a Daybreaker’ summer campaign back in 2015, the highlight of which was a giant yellow 100-meter inflatable water slide. The aim of the campaign was to encourage busy 18 – 34 year-old Londoners to take a break from their normal routine indoors and to experience their city in a different way.

Organizers encouraged people to bring their own swimwear and inflatables to have fun in the giant water slide, which was located right next to King’s Cross station. Aside from the slide, other activities in Lipton’s summer event included a luxury commute cruise along the river Thames, a morning film screening, and a DJ set.

By including a lot of experiential activities, the campaign successfully helped to target a younger audience and to reposition the Lipton brand as a beverage that can be consumed all throughout the year, regardless of what season it is.

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