Blippar’s augmented reality campaign for Chinese New Year

Blippar’s augmented reality campaign for Chinese New Year

Virtual & Augmented reality   5th January 2017 - Catalyst Agency

Blippar is a company that helps brands to create augmented reality experiences on mobile devices. Their app allows you to use your phone’s camera to scan items in the world around you, and it reveals various surprises like games, animations, and deals.

For the 2016 Lunar New Year, Blippar developed custom ‘ang paos’ for consumers to give to friends and family members. When the ‘ang paos’ are scanned using the Blippar app, they reveal a lion dance animation and a fortune depending on your year of birth.

We love this playful and innovative Chinese New Year campaign. It connects well to the event, features the new trending augmented reality technology, and uses that technology in a way that gets people involved. Blippar took a common tradition of the Chinese New Year, added a fun modern twist, and did it in a way that promotes the use of their product. About 2,000 of these ‘ang paos’ were created for the holiday, and this encouraged people to download the app and get involved.



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