Tiger Beer: “Say it with Tiger” for Chinese New Year

Tiger Beer: “Say it with Tiger” for Chinese New Year

Digital Marketing   5th January 2017 - Catalyst Agency

As one of the most iconic Asian beers, Tiger Beer decided it was time to bring the Chinese New Year to an audience beyond Asia. With their “Say it with Tiger” campaign, they created a microsite with a greeting generator where users throughout the world had the opportunity to create, reply, and share custom greetings for the Chinese New Year.

The campaign incorporated the use of several social media platforms including Instagram, Weibo, and Wechat, and it expanded the reach of the promotion by using the involvement of several popular celebrities. The stars would share videos of themselves trying to do their best authentic Chinese greetings.

This campaign caught on, not only having success in Asia, but in countries throughout the world. It was a smart approach because they used multiple channels including digital, retail, and social media to generate interest. Additionally, they took the simple idea of a New Year greeting and used it to get users involved while promoting the brand.



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