Campaigns We Love | 19 Dec 17

SKII's unexpected ad: the marriage market takeover

SKII's unexpected ad: the marriage market takeover


What is it?

Sheng Nu, meaning "leftover woman", had long been used by the Chinese state media to stigmatise unmarried women over the age of 27. Getting married was one of the biggest issues in these women's lives, who also happened to be part of SKII's target audience.

The brand created a takeover at the marriage market in Shanghai's People's Park and in an emotional documentary film, SK-II told the story of 4 women who were classified as leftover women at the market.

The ad was a hit globally, with many people identifying with the women.

And why is this a campaign we love?

This is an example of a great insight, coupled with great execution. The best campaigns resonate with their target audiences, and this one did exactly that.