Online Fashion Store Grana Uses Experiential Marketing to Let Customers Try It On

Online Fashion Store Grana Uses Experiential Marketing to Let Customers Try It On

Experiential Marketing   20th March 2017 - Catalyst Agency

Online retailer Grana understood that many people are wary about buying clothes online without being able to try on a garment first. With their primary customer base purchasing from Hong Kong, Grana decided to head to the streets to provide customers with a unique sensory experience involving three stages of interaction.

The first stage, known as ‘The See Wall’, allowed prospective customers to view manufacturing through a wall in order to understand the process of garment making. The second stage, called ‘The Feel Bar’ gave customers a chance to feel the soft luxurious fabrics. The third stage, ‘The Try Space’ was a fitting room so that customers could try clothes on.

With no on-site inventory, the customers would then go home and buy online. The campaign was effective because it connected with customers and showed that even though they are an online company, they do care about the customer experience in person as well. This helped to establish them in their industry, raise awareness of their brand, and build trust with their audience.

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