EE Power Bar at Glastonbury Festival - Event marketing

EE's effective festival engagement at Glastonbury

Event Marketing   12th April 2017 - Catalyst Agency

EE is a telecom company in the UK that wanted to increase their brand presence. They decided the 2015 Glastonbury Festival in Pilton, Somerset was a good event to target. It lasts for five days and is for the contemporary performing arts from music to comedy, theatre, circus, dance, and more. With the large amount of social media usage on their network, they identified the opportunity to help make sure festival-goers could stay connected throughout the festival and share their memories with friends.

They reached their target audience by providing festival-goers with multiple Wi-Fi hotspots and a giant model of a large bull that served as a phone recharging station. The phone recharging was done by offering a power bar exchange service. The inspiration for the bull came from one of Somerset’s famous residents who was named Britain’s Biggest Bull.

This was an effective campaign because they identified a key need of their target audience and met it while raising brand awareness. By providing festival-goers with the internet access and an extended battery life, the brand improved the experience of the festival for attendees and associated themselves with being helpful, fun and interactive. They also helped to resonate with locals by using the bull which has meaning in that specific area.

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