Campaigns We Love | 12 Dec 16

Coca-Cola: #TasteTheFeeling social media campaign

Coca-Cola: #TasteTheFeeling social media campaign

Coca-Cola wanted to make an impact during the 2016 holiday season, as they do every year, and came up with the concept that Coke could help create peace during the craziness of the holidays.

In their winter campaign titled “Here's to peace on earth. Or at least in the mall.”, they posted a short video on Instagram which featured people fighting over a jacket but finding peace and compromise with the help of a Coke. Their hashtag #Tastethefeeling was present in their caption.

These videos were successful because they are fun and relatable to the target audience. Consumers know how crazy malls get around the holidays and how some people can get feisty. The idea of a Coke bringing peace is clever and charming. Additionally, they aren’t outright saying buy our product but are strategically placing it in an entertaining ad. It raises brand awareness and associates positive feelings toward the brand.



Here's to peace on earth. Or at least in the mall. #TasteTheFeeling

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