5 life-changing websites for social media professionals

5 life-changing websites for social media professionals

We trust you've read our article on the 5 life-changing websites for marketers. This time, we're coming to you with another 5, except this time for social media related topics.

Facebook IQ

Where else to get better research and insights than from the source itself? You can finally put an end to the office-wide wars of whether video should be vertical or landscape, which demographic groups are most active on Facebook and Instagram, and whether avocado toast was really the most talked about topic this summer (don't quote us on that one). https://www.facebook.com/iq


Have you ever had to buy ads on multiple social platforms? Felt annoyed after trying to flip through ad format details on each platform only to have forgotten which image resolution was right one? Ad buyers rejoice, adJelly has a comprehensive list of specs for (nearly) every large social platform. Go on, have a look: https://www.adjelly.com/size-guide

Facebook Creative Hub

Need to whip up a quick ad to show your boss what it looks like? Facebook Creative Hub allows you to upload the assets you need, and turns it into a mockup within minutes. Choose the format you want, add photos and text, and share the link. Your in-house designer will thank you, profusely. https://www.facebook.com/ads/creativehub

We Are Social

We Are Social is an agency specialised in delivering social media solutions. They also happen to run one of the most comprehensive SlideShare pages, sharing useful stats about social media globally. Perfect for that deck due on Friday. https://www.slideshare.net/wearesocialsg

AdEspresso Blog

AdEspresso is another great resource for great ad examples on Facebook and Instagram. It includes many good tips that just might make your next campaign go viral. Yes, we used a buzzword. https://adespresso.com/academy/blog/

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