Burger King and Stranger Things' epic crossover

Experiential Marketing   9th July 2019 - Catalyst Agency

What is it? 

Big on experiential marketing, Burger King recently debuted an “upside-down” Whopper - celebrating the beloved Netflix series Stranger Things’ season three premiere on July 4. Select Burger Kings across the US are serving these Whoppers, inspired by the show’s alternate dimension setting. At these locations, limited edition tees, crowns, ketchup packets and pins are also available! In addition, they introduced “Hopper Meals” (in reference to the show’s Chief of Police Jim Hopper) that include the special Whopper, a small drink and fries. They have even teamed up with food delivery service Doordash: customers can get the Hopper Meal at a discounted price and get access to exclusive content from the series when they order the Meal using Doordash.

Why do we love it?

In this example, companies that one might not associate together have joined forces to create an innovative and unforgettable consumer experience. All brands involved are able to tap into the others’ customer bases for a wider reach!

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