Social media mishaps in Hong Kong

Social media mishaps in Hong Kong

Let’s talk about the many misconceptions about Social Media in Hong Kong that we’ve observed. Some are unique to Hong Kong, and some are not.

1. The copy is too long.

This best practice has been talked about for years, but there are still so many brands writing for social like it’s a newspaper. And as a universal rule, no one wants to read long copy (there are special exceptions of course). So don’t write long copy.

2. Not thinking about relevance.

Social is another communication channel in the marketing mix. And it’s not just any channel - it’s a platform where you can find a highly targeted audience. Many brands in Hong Kong are sending out very generic messages that are not targeted to the people they want to reach.

3. Obsessing over the best time of the day to post

We’ve all seen it - the startup white paper claiming they looked at over a million Facebook posts and claiming the best times and days to post. From experience, this is different for every brand. The data in those white papers are skewed in every way possible, such as different industries, timezones and markets. And think about it - if your audience is online 12 hours a day, it really doesn’t matter what time you post things. Test it out, and eventually you’ll find the optimal time for your brand.

4. Grammar mistakes in English

The number of brands with English grammar mistakes in their content is staggering. While it might not matter as much if you’re appealing to a local market, it’s still unprofessional for any brand to have grammar mistakes in any written content. If in doubt, there’s an app called Grammarly that helps keeps your grammar in check.

How many of these mishaps have you committed? Social media getting you in a twist? At Catalyst we’ve had experience working with global brands such on social programs of different shapes and sizes.

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