Secret sauce for creating social content in Hong Kong

Secret sauce for creating social content in Hong Kong

If you work in marketing and aren’t originally from Hong Kong, you’ve probably realized this part of the world works very differently than what you’re used to in the UK, Canada, US or Australia. And needless to say, the social space here works very differently too. So how do you create content that actually resonates with locals?

1. Language

You’ve probably read somewhere online that Hong Kong is “Asia’s World City” or it’s where “East meets West”. Looks nice on a brochure, but the truth is the large majority of the local population will speak and read a language other than English. Your social content needs to be billingual in order to capture eyeballs of the local population.

2. User Journey

Think about the social user journey. If you’re running a contest, how are the parts flowing together? Will you be directing users to a landing page? What are the contest mechanics? Always try and keep all activities within the social platform. The more you move people around between platforms, the higher the drop off rate.

3. Visuals

At Catalyst we’ve had experience running many different types of content on social. We’ve tried everything from professional grade videos to product-driven hero images. You don’t know what works best till you try, and the results typically surprise you. In Hong Kong we’ve found that eye-popping visuals work best.

Take these points into consideration for your next campaign and we’re sure you’ll see improved results.

Don’t have the expertise to manage your social programs? At Catalyst we’ve had experience working with global brands such as The Economist and ghd on social programs of different shapes and sizes.

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