6 Brands Doing Event Sponsorship Right

6 Brands Doing Event Sponsorship Right

Event sponsorship is a trusted marketing tool for many corporate companies. In fact, 80% of marketers believe that live events are critical to a company's success. These events can range from sports tournaments to music festivals to art shows. Wherever a large group of people is gathering, an opportunity lies. But how do you make the most of your sponsorship investment?

In this blog, you will learn from the best as we have rounded up the most effective examples of event sponsorship by some of the biggest players in banking, insurance, logistics, and property.

Check them out for inspiration!

1. American Express

First up is American Express; a brand that gets involved in a range of events from Coachella to the US Open.

Last year at Coachella, they created the AMEX Platinum House which was a luxurious tent for VIPs and platinum card holders. Inside were exclusive performances, food, drinks, SoulCycle exercise classes, and secret chill out areas. It was definitely the place to be at the festival!

As for the US Open, American Express has been a sponsor for 24 years and always delivers. Last year, in addition to its usual VIP lounge experiences and easypay options, the brand gave fans the chance to virtually battle it out with all-star tennis player Maria Sharapova .

It was the first VR experience to include live-action created by mapping out Maria's moves and actions. Participants could put on the headset and play her as if in real life. This activation pushed the boundaries of technology, making the most of AMEX's sponsorship by giving fans a memorable experience which was buzzworthy.

2. Visa

Another Master at sporting event sponsorships is Visa. The brand set up up exclusive back stage experiences at the World Cup- which no other brand had rights to. The experiences included stadium tours, joining the players on the field as they warmed up, and walking right onto the pitch just before the game!

"These are backstage experiences that nobody else can provide outside of Visa and they really enhance our packages," says Stahl, global director of events and hospitality at Visa. She adds "And we certainly utilized those backstage experiences for every single match. People don't even dream of this, especially if you're a fan. We're not just throwing a party. You're not just here having fun doing cultural activities. We can get you on the field."
When planning a sponsorship, consider how you can integrate your brand into the event to enrich the experience for attendees.

3. Citibank

If you think your audience is after a culinary delight, then take a leaf out of Citibank's book. In a sponsorship of Taste the Nation in partnership the No Kid Hungry charity, Citi managed to intertwine charitable giving with a food-focused event and captured the attention of food-lovers nationwide.

Included in the event were gimmicks such as a station where guests could have their photo printed onto cocktails. But the main focus was the campaign to raise money. During the event period, if guests dined out using their city card, the bank donated to the charity.

Great way to connect the dots, Citibank!

4. DHL

DHL has been a sponsor of the Rugby Sevens Series for many years, and has solidified their association with the sport. The company says, "A rugby player produces moments of skill and flair that are critical to a team's success on the pitch, in the same way that DHL uses care and commitment to service your shipments."

Being so, DHL created the Impact Player Award which recognizes stand-out moments. It measures the players using a statistical analysis which involves four key criteria: off-loads, carries, line breaks, and tackles. DHL tracks the scores and the winner is announced at the end of each individual tournament. Then, the overall series winner is chosen for men and women.

Word about the awards was amplified over social media using the hashtag #DHLImpactPlayer.

5. Prudential

Next, look to Prudential Singapore which takes a family-friendly approach by title-sponsoring The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival. The event involves over 40 rides and games plus lots of food. It draws thousands of families and gives Prudential the opportunity to engage with a young audience in an effective way. Further, it associates the brand with fun and family.

6. Swire Properties

Lastly, for a more arty sophisticated approach, Swire Properties sponsored the world renowned Art Basel in Hong Kong. It created a relaxing lounge where guests could enjoy various panel discussions whilst engaging in ideas about art, architecture, design, and fashion. A perfect opportunity for client entertainment!


Amplify Your Brand Through a Sponsorship!

These are six brands which are great examples of how to effectively sponsor an event and make a memorable impact. Rather than just having your name visible, ensure attendees experience your brand in a way that enhances the event. If you would like to explore ways to amplify your sponsorship or you want help figuring out which event is right for your brand. Get in touch today!