Nike // Take One

Guerrilla marketing & driving traffic to store


Nike was looking to generate buzz around the grand opening of Jordan 8 Wellington, its very first flagship store in Asia, whilst boosting awareness around Jordan Fight Club for fans and driving traffic in-store.

The Strategy

To generate street buzz around the biggest basketball icon in history, Catalyst led Jordan’s ‘never give up’ mentality, launching ‘Take One’ – a direct engagement strategy utilising a custom-built, lucky draw ticket machine disguised in a roving basketball hoop.

Winning tickets designed as 12 limited edition collectibles, received a limited edition Jordan 30th anniversary gift set to
be redeemed at Jordan 8 Wellington, driving traffic to its new flagship store, whilst those that didn’t win were invited to join Jordan Fight Club.

‘Take One’ stirred city-wide enthusiasm uniting Jordan fans, athletes and urbanites.

The Results

  • Over 11,000 Jordan fans engaged on the streets of Hong Kong
  • 1,250 winning tickets redeemed at the Flagship store
  • Further briefs imminent from Nike
  • 8 day campaign engaging an average of 1,400 fans per day
  • 2-hour line-ups for the attractions without any promotion – pure W.O.M