Hong Kong Hotels Facebook 2017 social media report pdf

Hong Kong's Top Hotels on Facebook in 2017

Social Media   7th February 2018 - Catalyst Agency

Planning for ongoing social media efforts in Hong Kong for 2018? We heard your cry.

Based on 2017’s top hotels on Facebook in Hong Kong, we created a Facebook pdf report covering everything you need to know that happened in the last year.

Why should you download this FREE pdf report?

  • Created exclusively for the Hong Kong social media market
  • 10 colour-pages, insight-packed pdf report (be the hero and send 'em to your team)
  • Explore top performing social media content in depth
  • Inform social media creative and execution strategy for your next campaign with data-driven insights
  • Arm yourself with the right benchmarks in the industry and set feasible KPIs

Why did we make this?

We know it’s hard to find social media data for the Hong Kong market, so we took it upon ourselves to change that.

Created by a top-notch team from advertising agencies including McCann Worldgroup and Edelman Public Relations (not an intern).

What are you waiting for? Get it while it’s hot and download your free copy today.


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