Heineken - #openyourcity Hong Kong

Heineken - #openyourcity Hong Kong

Brand Activation   20th July 2018 - Catalyst Agency

What is it?

How do you make a brand activation come alive for a city that never sleeps like Hong Kong? For their 2016 Summer Marketing campaign Heineken activated the global ’Shape your City’ campaign in Hong Kong with the first fully branded Tram bar experience.

This experiential activation included a fully decked out Heineken bar which toured the city. To get a seat on the Tram, Heineken created a mechanism which encouraged sales - upload a selfie drinking a Heineken, take part in their ‘cities’ board game and send a text message to Heineken with your receipt of beer purchase.

Key Takeaway:

Make it a 360 campaign – look beyond the offline and find ways to integrate your efforts with social media reach and online gamification. Ensure the campaign reaches beyond just the physical activation.

Be first – Heineken created a stir as this was a first for Hong Kong!

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