Coca-Cola's personalised and interactive campaign in Macau

Experiential Marketing   18th July 2019 - Catalyst Agency

What is it?

To celebrate its 70th anniversary in Macau, Coca Cola launched a massive marketing campaign at the Venetian Macau Hotel. It included an interactive activation that showcased six historic and iconic settings in Macau, such as the Macau Grand Prix and the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, with larger-than-life Coca Cola cans integrated into the display. They even created six limited edition can designs that featured these six locales. Of course, the experience was complete with a photo booth that printed selfies onto personalized Coca Cola bottles.

Why do we love it?

Coca Cola invoked the collective memory of these tourist hot-spots in Macau and was successful in engaging tourists from Mainland China and Hong Kong. It also elevated the brand activation by creating unique merchandise that guests could take with them!

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