Coca-Cola - Wish in a bottle

Coca-Cola - Wish in a bottle

Brand Activation   20th July 2018 - Catalyst Agency

What is it?

Who hasn’t looked into the night sky eager for a chance to catch a shooting star? As part of their “Wish in a Bottle” campaign Coca-Cola’s created a fantastic stunt for the Summer Love festival in Israel, which draws thousands of teenagers from all over the country. When the sun set on this year’s beach based bash, the soft-drink giant handed out special bottles of Coke and told the crowd to look skyward.

What happened next was a beautiful synergy of creativity, 3D printing, and drone engineering. Each special bottle featured a custom 3D printed cap containing a wireless transmitter.

When a teen twisted the cap to open the bottle, a signal was sent to one of several of drones hovering 1,000 feet above the party. The drone then launched a firework that simulated a breathtaking shooting star.

This innovative approach made for not only good marketing, but also a lot of smiles and wide eyes from thousands of teenagers as they gazed upon a sky full of shooting stars.

Key Takeaway:

A combination of great insight, captive audience, idyllic location and imaginative execution, Coca-Cola delivered a magical experience that the teens will never forget.

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