FWD // The HiVE Summit & Gala

Digital transformation, innovation and disruption


FWD is a challenger brand that looks to do things differently by changing the way people feel about insurance, supported through leading digital technologies. The brand targets younger audiences than typical insurance companies, therefore it’s aspirational and looks to build a targeted and relevant relationship with younger families and professionals.

Catalyst was challenged to transport FWD’s Senior Management and ExCo into the millennial mindset, using the annual conference program to understand needs, desires and influences to communicate the CEO’s vision for a forward thinking and tech-savyy business.


HiVE 2016 marks the 2nd annual gathering for FWD’s senior management and ExCo. As the name suggests is intended to be a buzzing place of ideas, connections and community. Building on the success of the 2015 HiVE summit, HiVE 2016 delivered a more immersive, technology enabled and inspired conference focusing on positive disruptive thinking, creativity and innovation.

Mobile and social was bought front-and-centre highlighting FWD as the very first insurance company to embark on Facebook @ Work (Workplace). The conference went fully paperless, utilising Workplace to engage and manage delegates at the conference.

A line-up of first-class speakers was curated for the positive-disruption themed program, from the world of social media, technology and marketing.

Throughout the two days, delegates were inspired and educated on new technologies and methodologies shaping the industry and the world, influencing millennials / the FWD customers of tomorrow.

Outside of the conference, delegates got a taste of the very best in digital technology. Tilt Brush by Google VR unleashed inner creativity through painting from a new perspective. Whilst delegates were offered an exclusive opportunity to drive the future and live life in the fast lane with Formula E’s racing simulator to commemorate the FWD sponsorship of the inaugural 2016 FIA Formula E Hong Kong ePrix.

To celebrate FWD’s proudly Asian heritage and the successes of welcoming new markets in 2016, the Innov-Asian gala dinner was transformed into a bustling night market featuring food stalls representing each of FWD’s markets. Accents of traditional Asian cultural references were interspersed with futuristic flair to create a multi-sensory themed gala.

Interactive entertainment and mesmerizing performances from Dana Leong, a two-time Grammy award winning musician and leading innovator at the intersection of music and technology, created a vibrant and electrifying evening celebrating FWD as a business that embraces innovation and that is proudly Asian.