HSBC //Experiential Marketing
The Challenge

HSBC was looking to promote its new online platform, FinFit, which helps clients understand their financial fitness and gain investment knowledge and to draw traffic to HSBC branches for further consultancy services.

Our Strategy

To generate buzz around major business areas in Hong Kong, Catalyst brought the campaign’s key message, “Stay fit in health and wealth”, to the streets. Welcoming pop-ups were created where the public could engage with the FinFit online platform. Further, each featured a mobile trike transformed into a cold-pressed juice bar. 

By completing a FinFit test, customers were offered the choice of three cold-pressed juice flavours designed around boosting their financial fitness. Customers were incentivised to visit the nearest HSBC branch for further strategid financial planning with coupon redemptions.

Hong Kong
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The Results

This campaign successfully achieved the following FinFit daily activation targets:

  • Over 2,000 FinFit tests completed in 9 major business areas around HK

  • Client’s positive feedback and results from the campaign has resulted in another FinFit roll-out

50% of customers engaged were driven to HSBC branches