ghd // Christmas experience
The Challenge

Ghd is a global premium hair product brand that has achieved cult status in the UK. Unfortunately, this status doesn’t extend to all the other parts of the world, and Hong Kong was one of them with room for improvement. Despite being in the market for two years, Hong Kong locals still had little idea as to what ghd was. Ghd wanted to launch a campaign during the Christmas holiday season to increase awareness about its products and brand. 

Our Strategy

Catalyst helped to drive attention to ghd by strategically placing a giant ghd giftbox in the fashion districts of Hong Kong, namely Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Central Harbourfront, over a period of three consecutive weeks.

Customers who wanted a chance to win the gift box would need to complete the following:

1. Like/Follow the ghd Facebook or Instagram page.

2. Rip a piece of paper from the giant gift box

3. If there was a QR code, that means you won.

4. Scan the QR code and it would take you to a mini-site allowing you to fill in your information to redeem the prize.

Hong Kong
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The Results

The ‘Christmas Wishes Come True Campaign’ for ghd was a success, achieving the following results:

  • The ghd fan base increased on both Facebook and Instagram by over 4% each. During the third week, the campaign made it to the top 3 posts on the map view of Instagram at Central Harbourfront.

  • The campaign’s live event Instagram post was over 53% more engaged than the previously highest engaged post on ghd’s Instagram page.

  • The teaser posts reached over 130,000 impressions on Facebook and Instagram, with over 14,000 engagements. Video views reached over 3,900.

  • Facebook ad buys were optimised during Week 1 and 2, lowering the CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) by over 33%.

  • The activation itself received over 990 visits, and over 320 prizes were redeemed with over 40% driving traffic to a nearby store.


40% of activations drove traffic back to nearby stores