The Economist // Plastic activation
The Challenge

While The Economist is largely based on written content, experiential marketing has been a helpful tactic for the brand to reach more people and gain new subscribers. With this campaign, they wanted to shake things up, and bring a piece of content about plastic to life. 

Plastic is a topic that has gained much media coverage and has been brought to life in many ways around the globe. However, the Economist’s article on the subject took a different angle. It said plastics aren’t the problem, recycling is. Catalyst’s challenge was to bring to life a well-trodden subject, making it seem new and engaging. 

Our Strategy

Catalyst created giant fish installations that were filled with real plastic pollution from the ocean. Each fish contained 23 kilograms of trash - the amount of plastic spewed into the ocean every 10th of a second. To engage the general public we invited them to lift the fish and feel the real weight of the problem. 


The Economist
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