Calvin Klien // Brand splash
The Challenge

The Moontrekker race is Hong Kong’s intense 934m overnight endurance competition. As an event sponsor, Calvin Klein wanted to create a brand activation campaign to interact with race participants while embodying the slogan ‘My Moves, #MyCalvins.’ The brand also wanted to seamlessly capture the participant’s data as part of the experience

Our Strategy

When participants finish the annual Moontrekker race, they enter the finishing camp to enjoy free entertainment and food. Catalyst’s strategy was to feature Calvin Klein as part of the entertainment with a 6-meter high, 360-degree motion photo booth. 

To have a motion “photo” taken, single participants or groups positioned themselves in the center of the platform and posed. There was also a trampoline in the middle, making it possible to jump and get a shot in mid-air. Cameras and a banner featuring ‘My Moves #MYCALVINS’ encircled the platform. A video was made for each participant showing them in a full 360-view, with the brand’s banner in the background. 

Brand ambassadors stood by to capture participants’ data and encourage them to share it on social media with the hashtag #MYCALVINS. 

Calvin Klein
Hong Kong
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The Results

Calvin Klein’s Performance 360 photo booth was a successful brand activation resulting in:

  • 1,400 brand impressions

  • 120 brand engagements and data captures

It created a fun, unique, and share-worthy way for participants to document and celebrate the Moontrekker race. Further, the brand’s slogan was highly visible in every photo capture and was brought to life with the moving components of the photo booth.

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